Roxyma Dream UK | Our family tale

Our Family Tale


Are you a busy professional who doesn’t have time for shopping? Are you tired of never finding what you are looking for on the High Street?
 Are you a loving husband guilty of giving the same old gifts each year? Are you in need of something different that can brighten up the bedroom?
Are you a parent looking for different styles and designs to suit the ever-changing needs of your teenage children? Has the latest craze left them in need of a bedroom revamp?
Are you not one of the millions of people out there constantly trying to find the perfect gift or home accessory without having to break the bank, trawl the internet or ask your partner’s permission?
Well you have come to the right place. All of the above once applied to every member of my family...
When I was just 13 I left my native shores of Bulgaria to study abroad, right here in the UK.
Fitting in took only a little time to adjust, requiring a few tweaks here and there to all the most important things to a teenage girl: fashion, music taste & makeup!
With such a wide range of choice and availability replacing clothes, shoes and bags for their growing girl was never too much of a strain for my parents…
…But one seemingly impossible task was finding affordable, high quality bed linen that offered a range of styles and designs beyond the monotonous high street collections.
It was in our local department store browsing unsuccessfully for new bed linen where the Dream was first born.
The best ideas are sometimes right in front of you and it was on that day that we realised a market niche had been discovered and someone had to fill it…
My parents had already been in the textiles industry for a number of years, importing and exporting a wide range of materials and were now looking to make the next step up.
Whilst from the outset the Dream was to eventually design and produce our own collections, there was plenty of work to be done before we could reach that ultimate goal.
The family first invested in machinery to manufacture the wadding and kilting used in the production of duvets and bed linen for external companies.
The factory was expanded and the work force doubled and then tripled as the business gained credibility and status.
In 2007, after several years of sustained progress and careful saving, Roxyma Dream was created and it wasn’t long before the first collection was in production.
Starting with a single retail store in our home town, the brand was an instant success and as demand grew so did the need to expand.
Within four years RD had grown to a total of 16 stores nationwide and was firmly established as the leading bed lined company in the country.
As we now look to explore other foreign markets the secret to our success will always remain the same…
…To offer the customer a unique, stylish yet affordable choice.