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International Women’s Day: The Significance and How We can Participate in its Celebration

How many of you have ever heard of International Women’s Day and know the symbolism behind it?

In Bulgaria for instance, the 8th of March is not only a celebration of Mother’s day but also of all the women in the country, regardless of their age. So, I never even knew myself, until a couple of years ago, that only the rest of the world celebrates Mother’s day on a different date to us, but that the 8th of March, has marked the International Women’s Day since 1911. This day is of great significance to the female gender as it gives us a chance to celebrate all of our accomplishments, prove once more our importance in the world and call for greater equality. Traditionally, on and around this date, women who have founded their own companies, NGO’s, charities and governments create various fundraising campaigns in order to mark this day and raise awareness of all those in need. In my opinion, the fact that Mother’s day is only a couple of weeks after this day, is rather emblematic, as I believe most of us associate the term ‘mother’ with a loving, giving and caring figure in our lives. So, here is my interpretation of what International Woman’s day is there to represent:

  • An equality in terms of human rights and career progression - all of those successful women around the world who have the power and financial stability to sponsor such campaigns;
  • The ‘mother’ figure - the philanthropic aspect of dispensing aid to those most in need.

In the same line of thoughts, as true appreciators of the cause and celebration of this day, Roxyma Dream UK would also like to participate. We have found a way to help an association, called the Bookfeeding project, which specialise in building libraries for young orphaned or disadvantaged children, in order to facilitate and aid their education. They do so either by supporting already existing projects, or creating their own. 

Their most recent project is to set up 2 new libraries.  One would be a part of the Majenga Mapyo School which, they have helped re-innovate and expand, in the Likoni slum (Mombasa, Kenya); and the other will be in a small village, called Sondu, situated close to Lake Victoria which is 100km away from the nearest public library. The project needs either financial aid and/or old children’s books that could help fill out their libraries, and it will commence in April.


One of the ways myself and Roxyma Dream would be participating, is by creating a campaign, starting from today (the 28th of February 2015) which will last until the 1st of April 2015, where  for every bedding set that we sell, £20 will be given as a donation towards the Bookfeeding project.   

Let’s all not only mark the International Women’s Day by participating in this amazing cause, but get in touch with our inner ‘motherly’ – nature and put a smile on a few little eager to earn faces.

For those of you, who would like to find our more information about this, and many other alike projects; or simply want to donate directly on their website, here is the link for the official page:

Keep dreaming (and help others fulfil their dreams),

Aleks RD UK x

Aleksandrina Zaharieva
Aleksandrina Zaharieva


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June 24, 2015

My resolution this year is to fisinh any project I start- whether it’s crochet, knitting, crafting and so on. I fisinhed up the last three UFOs from last year this week. Also, being four months pregnant with our first, I would love to learn to make a baby quilt.

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