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Don't Hold Back Your Valentine's Day

In my previous article, I mainly wrote about the importance of Valentine’s Day itself and gave you a few more creative ideas as to what you could do to make your loved ones feel special. Now, I am going to give you a little bit of a different perspective of the day of ‘love’.

Personally, I think this is one of those times in the year when people don't take enough advantage of. Most of us concentrate more on the fact that this day has become too commercial, one when business owners practically put their hands into the consumer’s pockets. However, has anybody thought of treating it like a second birthday/another anniversary or just a fun night out? Many may not realize this, but due to the popularity of festivities such as Valentine’s Day, business owners put 3 times more effort into retaining customers and gaining new ones. Moreover, nowadays, business in almost every industry has become a lot more humanized, which trend was led in an external body – Google. This is what I mean:

  1. Online shopping has become the new high street.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), means that every ecommerce owner, has to follow certain ‘rules’ in order for their website to be ranked (appear) on the first page, when potential customers search for various products and services.
  3. These ‘rules’ and ‘regulations’ have been and continue to be set by Google - the largest search engine to date.
  4. Google has been advancing and adjusting its optimization tools for years to reach the highest of standards. Their main focus is: Creating value for the customers! Just like they try to provide the quickest and most helpful/useful links and services, they want for all of the companies appearing on their engine to do the same.
  5. Now, businesses have to give something to customers first, before they can gain from the benefits of appearing on the search engine and attracting more buyers.
  6. Thus, there are thousands of sales, coupons, promotions and offers as well as an amazing array of choice when it comes to products/gifts; events and places to have a meal in.

The conclusion to this, is one: whilst there are many places that are still working to mostly ‘rip you off’ on Valentine’s Day; most companies are now working towards a long-term gain and business sustainability, and they would rather give you a discount/half priced meal or a free drink and win you as a loyal customer, than over charge you and lose you and many others you may tell, forever. Don't forget, all of those new and up and coming companies, which open pop up shops and restaurants particularly on festivities like Valentine’s Day to gain more popularity. What do we get? A nice discount, an original gift which we may never have thought of before, an interesting event which only takes place at this time of year, and a lot more delicious varieties when it comes to places to eat.

Here, I have listed a few of the best places, events and gift ideas that I could find during my own search on Google and the High street:


  • Timeout: Singles Lock & Key Party Adventure

This is a singletons party adventure, where another more interesting method will be taking place in order to encourage people to loosen up, ‘let their hair down’ and hopefully find the one! At the beginning of the event, the male side will be given a key, which will unlock one of the girls’ padlocks. They'll have to keep trying until they find the ‘one’. The party will take place in the Libertine Club, London, on Saturday (the 14th) at 19:00 o'clock and ticket prices are between £15 and £30. Click on the link for more info:



  • Curious Duke Gallery - Art

One of the trendiest places to buy a gift from, the Curious Duke Gallery, offers this beautiful piece of original art, from Roy’s People. The artist is a young and talented man who is becoming increasingly popular with all age groups. Have a look why:



  • The Crust Conductor

This is one of the most fascinating pop up restaurants to have opened its doors on London soil. If you are one seeking new adventures and straying away from the common place to eat, then this is for you. This is a restaurant created in a double decker bus, with its very own wood fire oven, beer and wine bar, and a DJ booth! If this doesn't sound crazy enough, how about paying £9 the most for a pizza? If you would like to give it a try, go to The Brick Brewery in Peckham (SE15 4QL) between 5pm and 7pm.



  • Red Valentine Party

Single and in London? Make the most out of one largest and most adventurous cities in the world. The Red Valentine party, taking place on Saturday (the 14th) gives all the singletons the chance to just enjoy being alone and not feel the pressure of the love – month. You get to play dress up, watch life sax and percussions performances, and dancers, enjoy your favourite house/electro music (if you are a fan) and get your face painted. All of that for merely £25, in a secret underground location close to Holborn station, which is to be announced closer to the time.


  • West Elm

This is nice little find of mine, while I was going on my weekly market research. It is surprising how such a large and attractive home décor store, located in a prime spot – near Tottenham Court road is not more well known. West Elm is originally an American company, with only one store in the UK, offering a more modernistic and chic outlook on interior design, and an impeccable visual merchandising. A shop which almost took my breath away with its carefully picked, wide variety of home accessories. They offer many Valentine’s specific products, with beautiful hearts and shapes, a perfect gift for any proud home – owner; as well as a general seasonal sale going on right now. See for yourselves:



  • Ceru – Levantine Pop-up Restaurant

If you are fed up with all the same and repetitive fast food restaurants that make you wish you’d never eat again, the Ceru is a perfect option. It offers a great variety of healthy tapas options, following recipes from Cyprus, Turkey, Lebanon and Israel. What is more, is that they try to be as organic and environmentally friendly as possible, by only using ethically sourced ingredients and their most expensive dish is only £9! Their special offer for Valentine’s is a free cocktail both on Friday (the 13th) and on Saturday (the 14th). Ceru is situated on the corner of 29 Rathbone Place, Fitzrovia, W1T 1JG:



I hope you get to try at least one of the above suggestions, and if so please share with me how your experiences went! Enjoy!


Keep dreaming,

Aleks RD UK x

Aleksandrina Zaharieva
Aleksandrina Zaharieva


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February 12, 2015

Hope you are gonna come up with more ideas as such – they are awesome :)!! Even a V-day phobic would do some of the stuff from here. Can’t wait to read your next posts.

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