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We got off to a flyer!

Dear visitors,
I would like to officially welcome you to our website, yet again. Our launch went absolutely marvellously and I was so proud to have had as much support and interest from friends, family, loyal customers from all over the world and of course all of you - new visitors and potential contributors to making Roxyma Dream, the bed linen brand of a new era.
The event was hosted by the exquisite Curious Duke gallery in London, where the beautiful artwork further complemented some of our best designs on display. Amongst these were Daria, the soft and delicate bed set produced from 100% wood pulp; Spring blossom, from our finest 200 Thread count cotton sateen, which brought a little brightness and liveliness to the party and from our luxury range: Cotton Sateen Jacquard collection - White Tiara, for an even more sophisticated finish.
Have a look at how it turned out:

The theme and aim for the night was to emphasize the organic nature of our products, hence the branding of the flyers, business cards and even the delicious and beautiful cake - all intrinsically linked to nature. Real cotton buds decorated the display table around the bed sets and in keeping with the theme; all of the food was homemade too.
So, what do you think? Did I succeed with my ideas?
I would like for Roxyma Dream UK to be not just any bed linen online shop, but a place where people can interact and share various ideas about interior design. I will be posting some fresh ideas too and would greatly appreciate any feedback regarding either them or our products so that RD can become a 'go to' portal for all seeking answers and advice on home decor.
Watch this space as our next post will be related to the most talked about event next month - Valentine's Day!
Keep dreaming,
Aleks RD UK x 

Aleksandrina Zaharieva
Aleksandrina Zaharieva


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June 20, 2015

I don’t really have a rosloutien as such but I want to make more time to play with my daughter who is growing up to fast.I also want to take a little bit of time each day to clean and de clutter a small part of my home, hopefully by the end of the year I will be feeling less overwhelmed by the task and will be living a less clutter filled life.

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